Immigration consultants and lawyers are regulated in Canada

Dear Editor,

I refer to a letter by Norman Faria, Guyana’s Honorary Consul to Barbados captioned “Are the authorities in Guyana obligated to provide authentication of their claims?” (07.10.26).

I regret to state that Mr. Faria does not understand the workings of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada and also his abuses against legitimate immigration lawyers and consultants were unwarranted.

Immigration Consultants are regulated by the Canadian Society of Immigration Consul-tants and lawyers are regulated by the Provincial Law Societies of Canada.

If a consumer has a problem with a consultant or a lawyer, all he has to do is to lodge a complaint against that consultant or lawyer to his or her respective organization and after an investigation if the consultant or lawyer is found to be guilty that person will be subject to disciplinary measures.

So that writer who is representing the Guyana Government in a foreign country should be careful of slandering professionals as he himself is besmirching Guyana’s reputation by making unsubstantiated statements as a Government of Guyana Representative. It reflects on the Government, the type of people who represent them.

No one is trying to besmirch Guyana’s character as Mr Faria says but can he say what he is doing about that notorious ” Guyana Bench” at the Barbados airport?

Since he has been Honorary Consul, can he say what progress he has made for Barbados Immigration officials to stop harassing Guyanese at the Barbados airport?

So is Stabroek News besmirching Guyana’s character when it is fighting internationally to restore their rights to Government advertisements when it was withdrawn wrongfully?

It should be noted that Government’s money is taxpayers money and not the PPP’s .

Mr. Faria, let your government in Guyana do some house cleaning and play by the rules and then there will be no reasons for besmirching lovely Guyana.

Yours faithfully,

Balwant Persaud

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