Powdered milk is $1,700 a pound

Dear Editor,

I respond to the letter by Mr. Flattie Singh captioned “There have been major improvements since 1992” (07.10.26). Maybe he can take the entire infrastructure and feed the thousands of children who are starving for the basics. Take milk, for example, $1700 per pound since VAT.

I wonder what his definition of a layman is. Ask any mother, they will tell you the hardships that they experience daily, to the extent that many have become frustrated into forced acceptance of the realities.

Obviously, Mr FlattieSingh’s salary increase is more than proportionate to his living expenses. Jolly good!

Take notice Mr. FlattieSingh that although there have been tremendous strides in land distribution, economy homes cost plenty money to build.

Take notice Mr. FlattieSingh, of the tremendous cost of electricity, still unreliable, yet consumers seem to have no rights. All Guyana is looking forward to the hydro power project. But I wonder, like the Berbice Bridge, which was promised many moons ago, when, when, when.

Take notice Mr. FlattieSingh, that I do take note of improvements to the water services. Take note though, that we have to pay for those improvements, wherever those improvements are. Water through my tap is still unfit for even washing my clothes, but then again, I am accustomed to my whites turning ‘dinge’.

Infrastructure and utilities to the layman are like ‘lipstick, eye shadow and facepowder’ on a woman.

We are starving for a real economic turnaround in this country.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Subryan

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