Congrats to Ms Burton, the first female GTUC leader

Dear Editor,

The membership of the GTUC have made a wise decision.

I know that being the first female president of such a massive and important organisation her method of operating will continuously be compared to those who would have led the TUC before. I urge her to see this as a challenge but encourage her to continue to be her own person.

My only advice to you, now, Ms Burton, is that you continue to work to ensure your decisions and actions are always in the best interest of the workers, who are continuously in battle for improved working conditions.

I am proud of you, Gillian, and trust that you will get the fullest support from the entire executive and membership of the GTUC, as you embark on a path to continue to advance the causes of the working class.

In unity there is strength!

Yours faithfully,

Lurlene Nestor

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