The fire service at Betsy Ground was both annoying and laughable

Dear Editor,

A fire in Betsy Ground, East Canje, Berbice last Wednesday allowed residents to experience the pathetic and totally unacceptable service rendered by the fire station in New Amsterdam.

While the fire engines and personnel arrived in reasonably quick time they came without water. They were directed to two ponds after placing one hose in a trench with no more than 6 inches of water.

It took a while to get both mobile pumps working and to the consternation of all present except the firemen and mostly women who were unperturbed, the pumps could not function for at least half of an hour of trying to get them going.

In the meantime, the fire engine from Guysuco, Rose Hall, got into action and assisted in controlling the fire with water provided by tanks used by men repairing the road. Those men also helped in other ways to control the menacing fire, which was threatening to engulf two nearby houses as residents braved the intense heat using buckets to saturate the houses which would definitely have been razed had such action not been taken. All those residents must be greatly commended.

It is obvious that had the fire service been efficient they could have averted the complete destruction of one house and millions in damage to the others. This is not the first such lapse in efficiency.

While the firemen and women must be complimented for running helter skelter their efforts were both annoying and laughable and this recent circus must be the last such as many questions need to be asked and answers given for the incredible incompetence displayed.

Yours faithfully,

M. Sookraj

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