The Alliance offers the opportunity to break away from racial politics

Dear Editor,

Ms Allison Garnett’s letter captioned “The Alliance did not attract many Indian votes” (07.10.30) which was also sent to the AFC’s email address, makes some assertions that require comment.

The Alliance For Change (AFC) was formed to provide Guyanese an opportunity to break away from the racial politics that has been the bane of the nation.

As far as the party is concerned, those who voted for the AFC did just that – break away from racial politics! It is less important to us which race started the process but that the process has in fact started.

We expect that as time progresses others will follow in larger numbers once we don’t fall for the Allison Garnett type of logic.

Contrary to Ms Garnett’s belief, the AFC doesn’t utilise her criteria for election to its National Executive. There-fore, Ms Alison Mohamed doesn’t need to justify her ‘leadership’ position since she earned it through a transparent electoral process when AFC delegates to its First National Conference elected her to serve on its National Executive.

Yours faithfully,

Sheila Holder, MP

AFC Vice-Chair

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