Indira Anandjit was an ambassador for tourism, I can’t understand why her contract was not renewed

Dear Editor,

As we now enter the month designated as Tourism Awareness Month, it gives me great pleasure to acknowledge someone who to my mind was an ambassador both locally and internationally in promoting, and showcasing Guyana’s Eco Tourism regionally and globally.

I now make reference to former employee of THAG and the Guyana Tourism Authority, Ms. Indira Anandjit.

I have always been a promoter with the ‘ Explore Guyana Magazine’ from the very first year it came into existence and I had to meet with Ms Anandjit professionally on several occasions with regards to the magazine.

I could never comprehend why her contract was not renewed and I would safely say that we lost a good leader carrying the baton the way and manner she did.

Whatever Ms Anandjit’s new endeavours are, I would encourage her to keep Guyana at heart for she possesses the skills and knowledge about the tourism sector and I am certain that persons would be happy for her to continue in whatever way/s she can in pushing Guyana as a private citizen.

Yours faithfully,

T Pemberton

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