I thoroughly enjoyed Halloween and St Patrick’s Day parties

Dear Editor,

“Mimic men” (SN 07-11-03) or whatever one might want to call it but the reality is that the increasing popularity of American cultural traditions like Halloween and Thanksgiving in Guyana can be attributed to the fact that the world is indeed “flattening” and is becoming smaller.

This cultural imposition is certainly not a new phenomenon; without offering a choice, colonialism got the ball rolling and influenced what we ate, listened to, how we dressed and what we considered to be morals and values.

Mimicking the evolutionary process as espoused by Charles Darwin and riding along the road called “modernity”, it was just a matter of time before we voluntarily imported other cultural norms (once considered unthinkable and impracticable) from other societies.

I have no problem with this; as a matter of fact I thoroughly enjoyed the St. Patrick’s Day parties, Halloween parties and look forward to having my turkey later this month.

Yours faithfully,

Clinton Urling

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