Dr Hinds’s logic is suspect

Dear Editor,

There is a major weakness with this argument. First, it assumes that the breakdown of the voting population is the same as the wider population.

This, I suspect, may not be true. Second, and more importantly, it assumes that voter registration and turnout is the same in both communities.

This also may not be true. ” Notice the argumentation: First Dr. Hinds ascribes an assumption to others (there are those who argue that ethno-racial voting is a myth.).

Then he rebuts that assumption with another assumption. (This, I suspect, may not be true…This also may not be true.) And therein lies the crux of Dr. Hinds’s logic – once David Hinds says so it has to be so. I have had cause to point to this logic in the past and was hoping that this esteemed scholar would have moved on to sounder hypothesising and more cogent argumentation.

Yours faithfully,

Annan Boodram

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