Passengers in overloaded buses should be fined

Dear Editor,

Even as the Guyana Police Force begin to enforce strict traffic laws and attempt to bring lawless traffic offenders to justice, the carnage and the disrespect for law and order continue by minibus drivers and conductors and hire car drivers. At the number 42 bus park, buses are still soliciting passengers in the roadway between the bus park and the small shops at the Stabroek square. This causes congestions and a build up of traffic. The city constables who I believe were placed there to maintain order are most times unable to control the situation.

The overloading of buses continues, minibus operators without any concern for life and limb of passengers continue to overload minibuses, some passengers also contribute to the overloading of buses for they would see that the bus is full and they would still enter. It is time, Mr Editor, that every adult passenger in a minibus that is overloaded be made to pay a fine. This I’m certain would put a stop to overloading.

It is no secret that the police force is short of manpower to effectively police our roadways but we must find ways to curb the daily lawlessness on our roads. I suggest that we call on the army to help in the interim until the Guyana Police Force is strengthened. The government through the Ministry of Home Affairs should introduce a traffic warden volunteer programme. This programme must be for persons who honestly want to help to curb the traffic situation. These persons must be screened and must be willing to wear some sort of uniform. These traffic wardens could be persons who are otherwise employed but are willing to volunteer a few hours in the mornings or in the afternoon. A salary should also be paid. Traffic policemen and women have an obligation to this country and they must stop taking bribes. It is time that the GPF start prosecuting those police officers who take petty bribes from traffic offenders.

Too many of our precious human resources are being wasted as a resulted of road accidents. All of us must play a part in this campaign to rid our streets and highways of lawlessness.

My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the relatives and friends of all those persons who perished in road accidents this year especially to the parents and other relatives of Angelique Mohamed who I saw enter President’s College from the first form and graduate. She later became a teacher at St Stanislaus College.

Yours faithfully,

Clive Fredericks

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