Some of these mentally unstable persons are dangerous

Dear Editor,

During our last encounter about two years ago in Georgetown, he shared a decision to relocate to Berbice to escape the high cost of living in the city. A recently failed marriage was also taking its toll and he explained that due to unresolved emotions for his ex-wife, it was difficult whenever their paths collided in Georgetown.

According to Elton Shepherd, he enjoyed a career stint as a light-weight pugilist and travelled to some international venues to represent this vocation.

As the commentary from shocked interviewees said, he possessed an up beat personality, was not an abuser of drugs or alcohol and was liked by most whom he met.

Mr. Shepherd’s untimely demise brings us to a sad state in our cities and towns where we see the mentally infirm roaming the streets, sometimes menacingly. It was only to be a matter of time before this unsightly practice had devastating consequences. These “junkies” as they are sometimes referred to, can be seen overtly threatening the public with no recourse by the authorities. I have fielded many complaints from tourist and visitors to Guyana who find this to be a vacation destination deterrent.

I urge the Government and city officials to invoke existing laws or create them if needed to remove these “safety risks” from the public.

Yours faithfully,

Berkeley Van Bowen

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