Can citizens of Buxton get redress for injuries inflicted by the police?

Dear Editor,

With respect to handling citizens of Buxton, do the law enforcement arms of the state have very low standards or do they have no standards at all?

Are we to understand that the brutal physical assault, wounding and murder being carried out by police, army and phantom gangs against the citizens of Buxton are legitimate, legal and lawful behaviours?

Are we to consider it acceptable that the political, governmental, judicial, police and army authorities are not accountable for, or have no duty to citizens in connection with, actions of agents of the state?

Do we understand that lawless behaviours by law enforcement agents and those in command lead citizens to act outside the law?

Is there any way that citizens of Buxton and elsewhere can get justice and redress for injuries committed against them by agents and agencies of the state?

Yours faithfully,

Bonita Harris

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