Spare parts dealers are exploiting car owners with massive mark ups

Dear Editor,

I would like to highlight an issue regarding the sale of spare parts for the new Toyota Carina [or the 212 Carina as they are locally known]. First of all the following items are frequently stolen from these cars; headlights, grills, rear lights, mirrors and fog lamps by trunkers or car thieves.

This is done while the cars are parked in the public and even in your own yard. It is alleged that these items are then resold to certain spare parts dealers in Georgetown and in some cases the police are aware of the situation.

Now my problem is the ridiculously high prices the spare parts dealers charged for these items even though they are second hand, e.g. the cost for one headlamp is G$75,000: side mirror is G$30,000: fog lamp G$70,000: So if all your lights and grill are stolen from your car you would have to spend in excess of $500,000: to purchase these items. I am sure these spares are purchased from Japan at very low prices since they are not new.

In my estimation, these dealers are charging consumers over 200% mark up on these items. I wonder if the GRA is monitoring this situation and I would like to know what amount of taxes these dealers pay. Based on the foregoing, I would be grateful if the Guyana Consumers Association, Guyana Bureau of Standards, Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Revenue Authority can investigate this matter so that the poor consumers do not continue to suffer at the hands of these dealers. I also recommend that the Guyana Police Force arrange some sting operation to capture these thieves in the act.

All they have to do is be present at any public function that is held in the night where persons park their cars and these thieves will be caught.

Yours faithfully,

(name and address supplied)

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