A lack of confidence in the leader?

Dear Editor,

In August 2006, the PNCR had its worst electoral performance in its history. All the available information leading up to and after the election converged in one conclusion, the leader of the PNCR is unacceptable to many of its supporters.

A few months later at its Biennial Congress, the party membership surged to a whopping 28,000, the largest membership on record in its 50 year history. The PR machinery boasted that the incumbent leader Mr Robert HO Corbin received a supposed 66 nominations as opposed to 22 for the contesting candidate.

Weeks after this historic membership drive, this political organisation was unable to attract more than 300 persons to the square of the revolution for the “Mother of all Rallies,” albeit this was at the conclusion of the Congress of the GYSM.

Now we are faced with a union election and this leader has only gotten one nomination, a nomination that is questioned for procedural correctness since it was submitted after the deadline.

Am I missing something? Is the sample of opinion so diverse in this country that we draw one conclusion from the public (election & rally), a divergent one at congress and a corroborating perspective from the GLU membership?

Yours faithfully,

Colin Marks

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