Boat operators should be allowed to take passengers both ways

Dear Editor,

Here are a few quick reactions to the article `Corentyne ‘backtrack’ back in full swing – but with new rules’ by Shabna Ullah.

In my opinion, the rule that Guyanese operators are only allowed to transport passengers to Nickerie, but cannot solicit passengers coming to Guyana, will result in a waste of energy. Also, having the boats return empty, while there is business, will most likely leave the operators feeling rather dissatisfied. Furthermore, the contribution towards air and water pollution may not be significant, but it will still add to it unnecessarily.

Surinamese operators now transport passengers to Guy-ana, while Guyanese could do this on their return trip. That means “two” empty boat crossings each time, because the same rule applies to Surinamese, who can only take passengers to Guyana and none to Suriname. See what I mean? A waste of energy and unnecessary pollution to the environment.

On the positive side; I am totally in favour of the rule that the boats can only carry eight passengers, instead of 15 and that they must be equipped with life jackets. Safety first!

Yours faithfully,

Gerry Triesman

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