A fully qualified manager is needed for the university Human Resources Department

Dear Editor,

In 2003 the government contracted three professors to conduct a manpower audit at the University of Guyana. They made a number of recommendations, but most importantly was the implementation of a human resources department, with a human resources manager qualified with at least a Master’s degree in that area.

At present, UG only has a personnel section headed by an under-qualified individual. There is an individual Ms. Stacy Peters, with the relevant qualifications but not used in this department.

It would serve the university and its clients well if this situation can be rectified, either by utilising existing personnel or opening competition for adequate staffing.

The university has done other new innovations like the new Software Engineering Department despite the existence of the Centre for Information Technology. Should we question the validity of this? Maybe, but since such innovations can be done then revamping the HR department should be a relatively easy task for the administration.

The clients of the HR department of the university are unhappy but speaking out will only open a door for victimisation as has been the rule of thumb in the past.

The stakeholders in the University of Guyana demand better service and quality but the backbone of the problem and solution is the human resources. The only way we can move forward is to address this problem urgently.

Yours faithfully,

(name and address supplied)

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