Cummings Lodge road has been repaired

Dear Editor,

Myself and many residents are sincerely grateful for the repairs that were carried out on the sixth street Cummings Lodge and all the remaining streets in Industry Housing Scheme and Ogle. This timely response came just one week after I had written on their deplorable state.

I am grateful that my appeal did not fall on deaf ears and that the work carried out was more than I expected. I appeal to all drivers to use these roads with care and consideration, kindly adjust the speeding.

I also appeal to the students of Cummings Lodge Secondary School to be careful on these improved roads when school is dismissed in the afternoon.

Special thanks to Stabroek News for highlighting this issue. I wish to add that the Ogle Community Centre is on the road to improvement with a dynamic programme planned by me.

Yours faithfully,

Tajpaul Gainda

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