The rule of law must also be enforced against the drug barons

Dear Editor,

In any society there must exist basic law and order, in which the rule of law flourishes. The rule of law can be defined as “that government can take no action that has not been authorized by law and that citizens can be punished only for actions that violate an existing law”. In essence a just society is one in which laws govern both the ruled and those that govern. The first issue which demands our attention is the carnage on the roads. Our society has, I believe, forgotten that we have laws which govern the safe use of the roadways both for drivers and for pedestrians.

Therefore I applaud the Guyana Police Force for their efforts, and the new policy of zero tolerance, although to me, this policy appears to be long overdue, and a bit draconian. However it may stop the ‘money buses’ from taking a few more precious lives. This new policy I perceive seems to have the blessings of many groups, whether interest groups or governmental agencies.

However there is a far greater issue that has not seen the light of day in this country, and this issue is ‘Narco-Trafficking and the rise and dominance of the kingpins’. The question is, if we can identify and arrest or suspend the ‘money buses’ drivers and other reckless drivers, should we not also identify and arrest the major drug lords. The rule of law does not stand for double standards, it holds that no one can be above the law, but yet in Guyana , kingpins or ‘Snowmen’ seem to be untouchable . However we must give credit to the police and the government for implementing policies that have arrested, thus far, the drug mules.

If the rise and dominance of these ‘Snowmen’ are not taken seriously, Guyana will find itself, like Colombia, in the pocket of another ruthless and bloodthirsty Pablo Escobar.

Yours faithfully,

Kofi Christophe

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