Official opening but school at Onderneeming not in use

Dear Editor,

More than a year ago, construction work on a nursery school at Onderneeming Sand Pit in Essequibo was completed and some months later there was an official opening, but up to now, it is still to be put to use.

Will this building on which so much money was spent to construct be yet another white elephant or will repair works have to be carried out on it before actual classes begin?

What is certain is that by being kept closed all the time, deterioration would be inevitable with taxpayers money going down the drain.

The school was built to satisfy a purpose after a housing scheme was established there. At present, these children have to be taken several miles away outside of their location at great inconvenience and hardship to attend a nursery school either in Maria’s Lodge or at Adventure.

From my understanding, several young persons living in close proximity of the school with the necessary qualifications have applied to be on the teaching staff.

Many other problems also face the residents there in that they don’t have electricity, potable water supply and even a proper road on which millions of dollars were wasted because of sub-standard work.

Yours faithfully,

Baliram Persaud

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