Garbage bins full for Diwali at Anna Regina

Dear Editor,

Hindus will be celebrating Diwali with their garbage bins full in the township of Anna Regina, they will have to light their diyas among the garbage becasue of the constant negligence of the council to address this problem.

This is an ongoing problem with the council between Three Friends to Walton Hall District Council. For years the tractor and trailer were used to remove garbage within the Anna Regina Town but are now transporting contract workers from Dartmouth to Anna Regina on a daily basis which is a waste of taxpayers’ money. This is the first time in the history of the municipality that transportation has been provided to transport contract workers to and from work. The tractor and trailer will travel about ten miles empty then it will have to wait on these contract workers for about two hours to board it to go back to Anna Regina.

The more urgent task is to collect the garbage from the citizens’ yards so they can celebrate their Diwali in cleanliness.

Too often we hear of good plans for the disposal of garbage but nothing is being done.

Yours faithfully,

Mohamed Khan

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