The cartoon on the unguarded prisoner was amusing

Dear Editor,

I enjoyed the cartoon in your Thursday paper about the prisoner being told to go to the toilet on his own while two policemen remain drinking at a table. Quite amusing and in the current news style.

I welcome and appreciate Paul Harris’s sense of humour, based on an event that was not unusual except that the prisoner was superb at making good her escape.

Now is the Police Chief going to pick on cartoonist Harris as not being sufficiently compassionate to the police? Probably!

I guess if he sketches the fiasco in the court when ‘Biscuit’ was being arraigned after release from hospital, quote… “And in a surprising twist, members of the media were barred by police from entering the courtroom to cover the proceedings and when asked for a reason for this move they were told that ‘instructions were given’ and as such they could not enter the courtroom,” …the Police Chief might complain by stating (and again quote); “the media has not always been objective in its reporting and coverage of certain events and that the police are seldom praised for good work.”

Some objectivity I daresay.

Let’s have more amusing cartoons Mr Harris.

Yours faithfully,

Carl Veecock

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