More musical promotions should be staged at the Providence Stadium

Dear Editor,

The successful production of the recent Musical Show held at the New Providence Stadium should have been seen as a boon to other promotions to use the stadium for similar events.

I notice that a similar Wildfire Show with foreign artistes is advertising to take place at the GCC Ground Bourda, Georgetown on the 17th November, 2007. I do not know if the promoters obtained permission for this show but in my view there is no good reason why this show should be held at the GCC ground and not at the Providence Stadium or the National Park. The police must consider that promoters have good alternative venues which would not interfere with residents in their houses by the unrelenting noise from the ‘boom-boom’ box between 8:00pm and 3:00am, which is a thorough nuisance and affects all residents within 500-600 yards of the residential area along New Garden Street, from Church Street, North Road, Robb Street, Regent Street and Charlotte Street.

The police are not present to monitor these shows and the promoters continue beyond the authorised time and entrances to Regent Street and other houses are blocked by vehicles and residents are captives.

Yours faithfully,

Allan Paul

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