Prisoners charged with murder should usually be handcuffed

Dear Editor,

The facts and circumstances surrounding the escape from lawful custody by Onika King are a bit contorted. Of course a thorough and properly conducted investigation would elicit the facts and provide the answers as to what went wrong.

Can you at least handle that Mr Commissioner of Police?

Here is a tip for the future. Any prisoner charged with murder should be handcuffed except in a cell or on a ferry. When incidents such as these occur, the ranks involved are quickly thrown under the bus so the matter is removed from the public interest radar, and next year the force’s administration can report about how many of its ranks were disciplined or dismissed, while those with direct responsibility for the ranks’ supervision remain unpunished for their failure to adequately brief and /or train them.

Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee described the incident as “unforgiving” saying, “Whether it’s corruption or negligence, these things must be stopped.” According to Kaieteur News he further said that those responsible should be brought to face severe punishment. Maybe, but what about the much publicised alleged case of corruption involving Superintendent Merai?

We heard the last of it when the Commissioner of Police said the investigations have stalled because the complainant is out of Guyana. Now months later, he states that the file was sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions. For what sir, may I ask?

Are the investigations complete? Have you been able to finally contact the elusive complainant? And what about the Police Complaints Authority? Isn’t the file supposed to be sent to them for a comment before being forwarded to the DPP?

The police handling of this complaint is doing nothing for the public’s confidence.

Yours faithfully

(name and address supplied)

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