Tightening up to avoid traffic fatalities is welcome

Dear Editor,

The Government should be commended for their efforts to crack down on the traffic fatalities. I think it’s important that we let the government know when they are doing well and not just when we are unhappy.

If the drivers feel that the punishment is too harsh, they can simply avoid a penalty by complying with the laws. President Jagdeo through his Home Affairs minister has made it quite clear that he is not out to make the lives of the drivers difficult but his goal is to prevent the rising traffic related death tolls.

The drivers showed public disregard when they tossed nails unto the roadway during their picketing. Those nails could have punctured the tyres of moving vehicles, causing unwarranted injuries. The police showed great restraint and should be commended and not ridiculed.

Yours faithfully,

Berkeley Van Bowen

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