When should pedestrians cross?

Dear Editor,

A few days ago, I had cause to use the western half of Regent and Camp street pedestrian crossing.

In crossing over to the Republic Bank i.e. proceeding north, I waited for the light but saw nothing and decided to go with the flow of pedestrians across the road. I asked a traffic officer about the absence of the light and was told that pedestrians are guided by the light on the opposite side i.e. the eastern half- thus we all cross together but with one light.

With the fines for jaywalking so steep and the possibility of people not being familiar with the workings of the lights, I am calling on the authorities to use the media to educate us.

Another one for the Traffic Dept- would I be jaywalking if I am using the western pavement on Camp street and cross the road to go to Citizen’s Bank when there is no traffic or must I go down to South road and then come back. In fact how is jaywalking defined in the statute books?

Yours faithfully,

(name and address supplied)

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