This complaint was followed up, the man was charged and pleaded guilty to noise nuisance and the ranks were disciplined

Dear Editor,

With reference to your letter dated August 15, 2007 in relation to a complaint by Mr Romain Khan, in his letter captioned “Police are ignoring this continuing noise nuisance at Anna Regina” (07.08.14) I wish to advise that the complaint by Mr Khan of 43 Cotton Field, Essequibo Coast has been confirmed. It is noted that Mr Khan lives in Bermuda and the situation seems to have occurred on a few occasions and was tolerated by other residents.

It seems that on the night in question, the police at Anna Regina Police Station did respond to a report of noise nuisance after midnight and the perpetrators turned off the music as the police approached.

Consequent upon the publication of this letter an investigation was launched and Poonesh Dhanraj was charged with making a loud and continuous noise. He appeared on 2007-08-29 at the Anna Regina Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Maxwell Edwards and pleaded not guilty. On 2007-09-11 he changed his plea to guilty and was fined $3,000.

Disciplinary action has since been taken against the ranks who failed to follow up the report.

Yours faithfully,

Henry Greene DSM

Commissioner of Police

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