New publication about Guyanese cricket launched

The History Division of the Department of Social Studies of the School of Education and Humanities of the University of Guyana has recently published a book on the history of Guyanese cricket by one of its members Professor Winston Mc Gowan.

The book, entitled “The Origins and Development of Guyanese cricket” and, according to a release, “is the first serious attempt to trace the historical evolution of the game in Guyana. ”

The release though hastens to add that the book is not a comprehensive history.

According to the release, the book is divided into two parts. The first part outlines the history of Guyanese cricket from its “obscure origin in the 18th century until 1928 while the second part traces the history of Guyanese cricket from1928-2003.

“This informative book fills an important gap in the country’s historiography. It also makes a valuable contribution to the understanding of the development of West Indies cricket as a whole.”

The book is distributed by the Christian Book Service, located at 242 South Road and Albert Street at a cost of $1600 per copy.

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