Guyana books presented to FIFA educators

A presentation of autographed copies of the book of poetry, “Moongazer”, written by Lorri Alexander, was presented to each of the visiting representatives of FIFA -the world governing body of football, who officiated at the three (3) day COM – UNITY Seminar, jointly hosted by the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) and FIFA at the Cara Lodge, Quamina Street , on Thursday.

The seminar, which began on October 16 and ended last Thursday, saw the local football body teaming up with FIFA to host all stakeholders of football in a comprehensive evaluation exercise.

The presentation came at the closing session of an indepth look at the state of football in Guyana and the relationship the ruling body in Guyana – the GFF- has with the sporting media.

Topics which engaged representatives of all the media houses and the various arms of the football fraternity, in what turned out to be a soul-searching, indepth examination of the state of football in Guyana, had as its goal, the raising of the level of football awareness in all areas touched by football.

The FIFA team saw high level representation coming from several areas of FIFA’s involvement around the world, to assist Guyana in the evaluation of the state of its football, with a view to enhancing the delivery of expertise.

The FIFA visitors came from Sweden , Portugal , New Zealand , Paraguay , Ecuador & Trinidad & Tobago . Local representation was drawn from football Administrators, Coaches, Referees, Players, Sponsors, Media, Physio-therapy and other related areas.

The closing ceremony to the intensive sessions was highlighted by the presentation by the FIFA representatives of certificates and a large amount of Addidas bags and jerseys and FIFA memorabilia to the participants drawn from all over the country.

The FIFA representatives expressed high appreciation for the “MOONGAZER” publication handed-over by the GFF’s Physiotherapist, Paula Alexander and donated by her Publisher husband, Poet and Author – Lorri Alexander, who intimated to the guests his desire that they take away a slice of Guyana ‘s cultural life and history of Guyana ‘s rich exotic past.

The books, which the inspectorate of schools determined should be made part of the curriculum of the country’s schools and should be provided to every secondary school child to assist in the development of a high standard of literacy in Guyana, has now been made available, Mr. Alexander reported, for distribution as requested by the inspectorate of the Ministry of Education.

Mr and Mrs. Alexander were part of the large number of recipients afforded training by FIFA’s visiting team and thought the gesture could form part of their “giving-back” for the body of expertise afforded Guyana in its quest for the enhancement of one of Guyana’s premier sports, football.

Among those present at the three-day affair, other than the executive of GFF, headed by the President – Colin Klass and General Secretary – George Rutherford, was Mayor of Georgetown, sport enthusiast and former Minister of Sport – Hamilton Green.

Current Minister of Sport – Dr. Frank Anthony, Minister in the Ministry of Education – Dr Deserey Fox and Neil Kumar – Director of Sport were all participants at the opening ceremony on Tuesday.

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