Chutney fete set to fire up Starlite

Hips are expected to sway wildly as the familiar and pulsating sounds of ‘Firewater’ and ‘Mor-tor’ along with other hits blast out later this evening when Neeshan Parboo better known as ‘De Hitman’ and Rikki Jai perform in what is promised to be “chutney music at its best”.

For music fans undecided what event to attend as there are other major shows slated for today, there is the added incentive of the Bengal Dancers along with local performers. The low cost should also make this show attractive.

Dubbed ‘Chutney Firefete’, the event is slated for the Starlite Cinema, East Coast Demerara. At a recent media briefing, De Hitman promised that a few new songs will surface during the show. The entertainer promised that patrons will be kept on their toes noting that “Guyanese people love to have a good time”. No stranger to the land of many waters, De Hitman will surely have need for the cooling liquid to lower the temperature as according to him “it’s going to be hot”.

A clearly enthusiastic Parboo added too that even though the show is billed as a chutney event, the affair will not only feature that form of music, but also soca and reggae as well. The cost ($700 before, $1000 at the gate) was a factor emphasized by the promoters as they said there is no way that in Trinidad, where the headliners of the show hail from, the price would be so low. It was stressed that an entire family can attend based on the show’s affordability. The promoters have also said that there will be lots of giveaways including prizes for the best ‘Mor-Tor dance’.

De Hitman, whose very first hit in 1997 was ‘Don’t hold me Back’, up to ‘Mo rum foh me’ has won several awards and garnered an international reputation.

Meanwhile, a press release from the promoters stated that Rikki Jai has been performing to sold-out crowds wherever he is part of the cast and has recently performed at the Bollywood Music Awards in India. “His most recent hit single `Mor Tor’ has held the number one spot on several chutney music charts longer than any other artiste for 2007, and is a favourite particularly for women on the international chutney scene”, the release asserted.

The show will also be complemented by a bevy of local entertainers and sound systems, namely the New Melody Makers Band, 71 Sounds and Force Ripe. The event is organized by Sound Proof Music Distributors, described as an online music company, which is co-owned by local businessman Dennis Adonis.

According to him, the early arrival of De Hitman and most of the contingent for the show should send a clear message that fans can expect nothing less than an enjoyable evening at the Starlite Drive-in and all that was promised in the show’s advertisement.

The show was described as an “early Christmas gift”. It will be seen today whether the “gift” is something desired or a miss, whether ‘De Hitman’ strikes or fizzles. With no one holding back, it should be the former.

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