‘Gifted youth’ set to release first gospel album

A young Guyanese feels he’ll take the gospel world by storm when he launches his first ever album next November in Barbados.

Little is known of 23-year-old Shurmon Nicholson, who hails from the village of Lichfield, West Coast Berbice, but he promises that after his album is released his name would not be forgotten by gospel lovers.

Nicholson released a single earlier this year named ‘Mission Field’ and according to him and his relatives the release of the song has proven that he has “natural singing talent.” Well we at The Scene cannot attest to this but we would certainly be awaiting the upcoming album to make our own judgement. However, according to Shurmon he has already announced to “the world that a new talent has arrived.”

He disclosed that he started singing from the tender age of nine and since then has “effortlessly captured the attention of many listeners” while his relatives describes him as a “gifted youth who knows how to charm his audience.” Shurmon says he has triumphed and defeated the odds to become a “singing star in the gospel genre.”

He has been described as having a “smooth silky voice and powerful vocals” which many are not surprised at and yet he remains a humble person and credits his success with coming so close to releasing his first album to God and those who would have encouraged him.

He promises that those who purchase the album will experience “the hurt, pain, joy and struggles” he endured. He has been living in Barbados for the past year and works at a bakery shop and all of his money he has invested into releasing his album through the Ebb N Flow Studio on that island and he credits the team working at the studio for assistance he received to make the album a reality.

Okay Shurmon, the ball is in your court. We at The Scene will sit back and await the release and let’s see if it lives up to expectations.

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