Sizzling concert coming soon

Weeks after Guyanese were hit with the pulse-throbbing Guyana Music Festival, they will be burnt with the pulsating Inferno Concert, which according to its promoters would be big and different and would be sporting a long list of popular entertainers.

With just under two weeks to go for the fiery concert to shoot its flames, tongues have begun to wag as the party crowd look forward to the likes of the hot and upcoming female sisters Brick & Lace, known for their tunes Never Never, and Love is wicked; Munga Honourable, famous for Bad from mi born and Flipping Rhymes; Mims – This is why I’m hot; and last but not least the every popular Baby Cham with his The Real Ghetto Story. All these artistes, like those from the Guyana Music Festival, have ties to Jamaica.

The upcoming concert promises to have a mixture of hip hop, reggae and R&B, which is new, as the three genres have not previously been experienced at one show, but Wildfire Productions, which is behind the concert, assured the media recently that all of the listed international artists will be at the Guyana Cricket Club Ground come November 17 and it would be hot.

According to the production company the mega-entertainment event will not only provide Guyana with its first ever international hip hop experience, but local artistes like Malo, Fojo, Typheon and Gailiani, who are all performing, will have the perfect opportunity to get some more exposure.

The promoters are dubbing the show “the hottest concert of the year,” which is why the name ‘inferno’ has been chosen.

At a recent press conference, head of Wildfire Productions, Jonathan Beepat, said that “we will be the first company to have a hip hop super star in Guyana

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