‘Little African’ set to release second album soon

Despite the many challenges in the local music industry, the main one having to do with copyright law, Jamaican-born singer Little African, who claims he is a preserver, is set to launch his second music album.

But although he is confident that the album will be out soon, the young singer, who does not want to be known as anything other than ‘Little African,’ thus abandoning the name he was given at his birth, is yet to give the album a name. However, he promises that it would be worth listening to.

Speaking to The Scene recently, the artiste said the album will be launched in January next year, and Guyanese fans should grab it because it may very well be the last locally launched album by the singer. He disclosed in the recent interview that he plans to return to Jamaica very soon, since he feels there is a greater prospect of him making it as a singer in that country. While he was born to Guyanese parents and has spent a significant part of his life in Guyana, the singer still considers Jamaica his homeland.

We believe that his album may very well be worth purchasing because the singer cannot be considered a novice as he is well known among Guyanese reggae fans. He made his debut locally with the hit tune Playing Games, which took over the local airwaves and was popular in the music shops in April of last year. The video for that song, which talks about a female sharing a relationship with two friends, was launched in August last year.

Another popular singer, Fojo, who is known for his hit, Woman, collaborated with Little African in the production of the song. Little African told The Scene that his new album will feature songs that were all written by him, and they could very well be considered as ‘tell alls’ since they are based on personal experiences in the singer’s life, from a broken relationship to lessons he learnt as he went through life’s many challenges.

The singer’s second album will feature some of his all-time favourites which include Story of a Woman and You Lied to Me. The young artiste revealed that he began singing at the tender age of nine while living in Jamaica, but soon gave it up to follow in his big brother’s path of “making fast money,” even though he did not elaborate as to how this was done. But while he did not make it explicit he hinted it was by illegal means. However, he said he soon realized that following his elder brother was not giving him time to do what he loved, his music. After dropping out of high school Little African said he was forced to deal with his brother being incarcerated. With all this to deal with, the ‘song bird’ then decided to dedicate his time to his music career.

However, after spending some 15 years in Guyana the singer said he feels it is time to move back to his hometown, since there are not many opportunities here in the music industry. He said he received a wake-up call following a recent visit by some of his colleagues in the Jamaica music industry. The artiste said Guyana has no copyright laws and as such being in the local music industry doesn’t pay. “Recently some of my colleagues from Jamaica were here for a big show and they asked what I was doing here when I have so much talent, and that was my wake-up call,” the singer told The Scene. He promised, however, that after returning to Jamaica he would not forget his Guyanese fans who have been loyal to him and his music.

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