DNA testing may be needed to ID Buxton remains

Police may have to turn to DNA testing to identify the remains of a man found in a swamp aback of Buxton on Saturday morning as relatives of a missing man were unable to identify him yesterday.

“There is absolutely nothing there that I could recognize or say for sure that is my brother,” said the sister of Ishmael Archer, a 22-year-old Buxtonian who was reportedly abducted by armed men last year October. Speculation was rife that the remains might have been that of Archer since a beaded chain that was found at the scene had the name ‘Ishmael’ spelt out. However, a relative of the man said that there were many chains with the name Ishmael emblazoned on it. The relative said that Rastafarians produce many of those chains using the names of the twelve tribes of Israel, one of them being Ishmael. “We are not accepting that this is he

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