Man fined over assaulting brother who didn’t flush

A man who allegedly assaulted his brother because he didn’t flush the toilet after using it was fined $10,000 when he was taken before the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

Collin Wilson of Roxanne Burnham Gardens, Georgetown pleaded guilty to the charge of assault but offered an explanation.

According to Collin Wilson, his brother Alwin Wilson shared the same home with him and on the day in question, Alwin used the toilet and did not flush it. He explained that he went to Alwin and asked him to flush the toilet.

The accused admitted that he was angry and fretting about the matter, but said he did not assault Alwin.

Alwin Wilson, however, told the court that his brother threw a teakettle at him while they were having an exchange of words.

Principal Magistrate Melissa Robertson-Ogle gave Collin Wilson the choice of either paying a fine of $10,000 or serving a sentence of six months.

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