– had rushed to save mother from bandits

By Zoisa Fraser

The 21-year-old son of city businesswoman, Margaret Maloney, was shot dead just before five yesterday morning while rushing to save her from the gunmen who were reportedly waiting in the yard to rob her.

Dead is Christopher Maloney, who had only recently returned home from Canada on vacation. The incident occurred at his mother’s Lot 58 William Street, Kitty, residence.

The area where Chris Maloney fell after being shot in the chest by bandits who were attempting to rob his mother, Margaret. She was in this car when he was shot.Police said yesterday that they were investigating an armed robbery that occurred around 4.55 am at William Street, Kitty, during which Christopher was shot and killed by bandits.

A release from the force stated that so far reports had revealed that Margaret Maloney, who is the owner of Maggie’s Catering located at New Market Street, George-town, was about to leave for her business place in her motor vehicle. She was confronted by four masked men, one of whom was armed with a gun, the police said. They held her at gunpoint, according to the release, and took away her jewellery.

The four armed bandits, who robbed businesswoman Margaret Maloney early yesterday morning before shooting and killing her son, scaled this fence to get away, in the process ripping out a zinc sheet.The release added that her son, Christopher, had gone to her assistance and had been shot in his chest by one of the armed men, who all then escaped.

Up to press time last evening, no one had been held in connection with the incident.

Hospital sources told Stabroek News that the man arrived at the institution around 5.10 am, with a bullet wound in the middle of his chest and clad only in his underwear. He was already dead.

When Stabroek News visited Maggie’s Restaurant just before ten, employees had gathered there and some were openly weeping. The business place was locked up and a sign reading that it would be closed until further notice, was hanging outside.

Yesterday’s attack was a well-planned one as one of the gunmen was already seated in the back seat of Margaret’s van which was parked under a house next door, while the others were hiding nearby.

Stabroek News understands that when the woman entered her vehicle she was almost immediately held at gunpoint. It was her screams that alerted her son and a female relative who were sleeping inside. As they rushed to her rescue, Christopher was shot once in the chest while a shot was fired in the direction of the female relative who ran into the house to seek cover.

After snatching a piece of jewelley from the businesswoman, the gunmen fled the scene by scaling a back fence.

Steve Maloney, Christopher’s uncle, said he was deeply hurt and outraged at the killing. He expressed disappointment that neighbours had not responded to his sister’s screams for help. He was among several relatives who had gathered at the home, hours after the incident. Stabroek News was unable to speak with Margaret Maloney yesterday.

With the anger evident in his voice, Steve said that it was only recently that his nephew who was studying in Canada, had come back home on holiday.

He said according to the information he received three men carried out the attack adding that one had been waiting in the vehicle while two others had been standing outside.

This newspaper was informed that Margaret Maloney would usually leave her home early every morning to go to her kitchen located at Lamaha Street, to prepare for the day. It would appear that she would come out at a regular time and the bandits were clearly aware of this.

Steve said that as she jumped into the car, the man in the back seat “stick she up and she start to scream,” adding that this had alerted her son.
The man said that the son and a relative ran downstairs to assist and as they came through the door, two shots were fired, one of which hit Christopher in his chest.

He said the men snatched a chain from around Margaret’s neck and scaled a nearby fence.

Christopher fell a few feet from where the car was parked but when Steve pointed out the area, blood spots were barely visible. He said that it had already been washed off but that there had been a lot of blood.

The slow response of the police also came under heavy criticism from Steve. Very upset, he said that “the station didn’t respond and no one ain’t even come out and help.”

He said that a resident who lived behind the house under which the car was parked, had jumped over the fence and assisted in getting Christopher to the hospital.

Meanwhile, residents recalled hearing the two gunshots but they said that they hadn’t noticed anything suspicious. One resident who did not want to be named told Stabroek News that between 4.30 and 4.45 am, he had heard a car stop near the alleyway leading to the Maloneys’ home.

He said the vehicle was playing music but it was not very loud. He said a group of men got out of the vehicle and he heard when the doors closed.
The group, according to reports, opened the gate and went into the yard. Shortly after, he said, he heard Maggie (Margaret) screaming and this was followed by two gunshots.

The resident recalled that Christopher’s body had later been brought out and the police arrived some 45 minutes after.

Those living in William Street, described Christopher as a kind, mannerly young man, who did not have any known problems with anyone.

In addition to his mother Christopher leaves behind a sister who resides in Canada. 

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