Tucville man shot

A 24-year-old Tucville man was on Saturday night shot in his right thigh allegedly by a man with whom he had a misunderstanding.

Jermaine Wilson of Tucville was treated at the Georgetown Public Hospital and sent away. Police, in a press release stated that they are investigating a shooting incident that occurred about 8 pm on Saturday at Perry Street, Tucville, during which Wilson was shot in his right thigh.

Investigations revealed that last Friday Wilson and the suspect had a misunderstanding. It is reported that earlier Saturday night, Wilson saw the suspect and dealt him a cuff to his face and ran away.

Later, while Wilson was riding a bicycle in Tucville, the suspect came up in a motor car and discharged rounds at him hitting him in his thigh.

He was taken to the GPHC where he was treated and sent away, police said.

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