Lender turned looter

When Alfred Forsythe borrowed money to open a snackette, he did not get the kind of big break he was expecting.
According to Forsythe, 42, of Rosignol, he never got the opportunity to earn enough to repay his debt as the ‘lender’ reportedly broke into his stall and stole a quantity of articles. He told Stabroek News that on November 6, 2007, the man who loaned him the start-up money carted off three freezers, a computer, stereo set, washing machine, three tables, a bicycle and a quantity of beverages and food items.

He said shortly after the theft the man left the country and only recently returned. According to him, the police later picked the man up on the road and took him to the Blairmont Station and most of the items have been recovered and lodged at the station.

Forsythe pointed out that since the incident he has been contacting the police about when the man would be charged. “They telling me that the file was sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP),” he explained, adding that he checked with the DPP and learnt that the file was sent back since May of this year. He is appealing for the matter to go before the court urgently so that he could get his items back, claiming that the man is a flight risk.

Forsythe claimed that his business was insured and the insurance company is willing to pay him “but the police are not giving a proper report”. He said he has no problem with repaying the money but he had just started the business and was not given a “specific time” to repay when the man broke into his stall.

Alfred Forsythe
Alfred Forsythe

Further he said, “I know I owe him the money but he had no right to break into my stall and steal the items. But I cannot get any justice if the police do not co-operate with me.”
He also alleged that on another occasion the man sent persons to remove his zinc sheets from his roof.
A police source said the matter is being investigated.

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