US must stop supporting Israel’s ‘terrorism’ – PPP

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has condemned the Israeli government for the deadly attacks on the Palestinian people in Gaza and has called on the US to cease its support for this terrorism.

In a press release the party said “The murderous assault on innocent civilians has once again demonstrated that the Israeli regime intends to solve the issue with Palestine by murdering as many people as possible.” The pretext for the latest assault is that the Palestinians have been firing homemade missiles in to Israel. It is apposite to note that in the last seven years fourteen Israelis were killed by those primitive devices, the party said.

On the other hand, in one night using  some of the most sophisticated weapons and war planes, almost 300 Palestinians have been killed, most of them civilians. Thousands others have been wounded in this attack.

The PPP said treating the injured has been seriously affected by the fact the Israel has had a blockade of the Gaza Strip for a long time and as a result medical and other supplies have been limited.

The party also calls on the US government to stop aiding “Israel’s genocidal attacks on the Palestinian people.” The PPP contends that the attacks would not have been possible without the military and economic support that the US continues to give to Tel Aviv. This support has continued despite the numerous violations of the UN resolutions by Israel. The PPP said instead of demanding that Israel stops the carnage the US continues to blame the victims; the Palestinian people and their legitimate representatives.

The party is of the view that these attacks will not stop the struggle of the Palestinian people for a homeland and for lands seized by Israel using terror. It will only harden the resolve of Palestinians everywhere. Therefore it calls on the US and Russia to immediately cause Israel to stop its military barbarism and to see a political solution to the Palestinian/Israeli problem.

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