Dear Editor,

The deaths of Rondell Rawlins, aka ‘Fineman’ and Jermaine Charles aka ‘Skinny’ are yet more examples of young people in our society making the wrong choices. Since the beginning of this year we have seen a reign of terror at the hands of ‘Fineman.’

This man and his team of demon-possessed killers snuffed out many innocent young Guyanese lives.  When I think of Lusignan and the deaths of young schoolchildren as well as innocent hard-working citizens; another massacre at Bartica; the Lindo Creek killings and the shooting in Agriculture Road of two young men I am acquainted with by the same ‘Fineman,’ I wonder what was the motive. Then I recall the death of Minister Sawh and his family by members of the same gang. Why all these killings one asks, in a country with less than one million people?

Life is about sowing and reaping and the choices we make. Fineman could have been a great asset to our nation if he had used his military skills to serve his country, but he chose to live the life of an infidel motivated by forces bigger than himself. His life was cut short in just 32 years; his life was a life of no purpose, and a life without purpose is a life of early death.

A good, decent God-fearing family will produce a decent society and a very progressive nation. So many fathers are drunkards, wifebeaters, drug addicts, thieves, criminals, etc.

We have also seen the AIDS epidemic destroying the labour force in some countries – also our country. It means we will now have to include moral laws in our legal system, ie, we will have to close down lots of night spots, houses of prostitution and bars that also push drugs under the counter. These would be tough laws, but they should be implemented. What I am worried about is how many more will rise up like him to take the gun and the law into their own hands. The churches need to do more work in every community to heal the wounds of this great moral breakdown in family values I have seen eating away at our nation like a cancer.

Why is it that the PNCR is against the government when criminal elements are killed for resisting arrest? These criminals are using guns and the police are supposed to put their hands behind their backs and do nothing?

Yours faithfully,
Rev Gideon Cecil

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