What is it about hair extensions, braids and wigs that makes some people so rattled they can’t seem to get their heads around the idea that women love them? And we don’t just mean some women, we are talking about most women.

The anti-hair extension movement (oh it exists) has been spewing the silly rhetoric about hairpieces and weaves for years now. But it seems to have gained momentum within the last few years, particularly here, where a woman just cannot seem to walk around with her acquired hair in peace.

It is true. Any woman who walks around Georgetown with hair that is noticeably not her own gets about two comments every hour or at least three pointed stares within the same period from people who appear to be more obsessed with the hair than she is.

Know the types, whose look says, ‘that’s not your hair’, without them actually saying it? They are everywhere and though initially, the supposedly offended people (who have a problem with your extension) were women, men have quickly jumped on the bandwagon and are riding in with equal enjoyment.

“You look good girl but is that your hair?” or “Damn girl you’re hot but are you hot without that hair?” are the usual male attempts to find out that one question which now intrudes into conversations whenever a man meet a woman.

Guess what? We are shouting out to all women who wear hair extension, wigs and braids. Girl, if you bought it wear it; flaunt it and love it because absolutely nothing is wrong with buying hair. And if the stylist was so good that someone has to enquire if it is yours, say it loud and say it proud, “Yes it is mine!”

As TLC sang so many years ago: “You can buy your hair if it won’t grow…” But, girl, do it for you!

The last time we checked everything at the store had a price tag on it including wigs, braids and extensions and these days, that includes VAT. So when you walk into the store and call for your hair and then you leave to shell out some more dollars for the stylist to fit it right, remember to walk proudly.

Walk like you have got the hair people secretly desire but simply do not know where to go get it or even better, they know where but might be hesitant because of what hair now costs. So as a woman who wears extensions there is something just different and hot about you.

Of course, there are those among us who wear them and sad to say, make all women look bad. Yes, all women because at no time should a woman leave home with her hair in a mess. Certainly every woman cannot walk into a hair salon and get her hair done and we are not suggesting that. What we are simply saying ladies, is make an effort.

But back to the women who wear their wigs and weaves, even if it’s just the little strip with the colour. Forget the stares and the whispers and the cheap comments about whether it is your hair because if it wasn’t you certainly would not be wearing it. And just ignore those who choose to bring God into it. We have all heard the comments that you should be grateful for the hair God gave you.

Who said that women who wear extensions are not grateful? This is just low and should be seen for what it is. Just imagine them trying to talk women out of turning up at Daddy’s on Albert Street, which is a certified member of countless families across Guyana? Low, indeed. And a trip to Daddy’s is like a trip to the mall, you can look around all day and still leave undecided, and it’s fun too.

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