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GASCI ( Nº 223-6175/6) reports that session 295’s trading results showed consideration of $11,000 from 1,000 shares traded in 1 transaction as compared to session 294 which showed consideration of $1,791,996 from 79,673 shares traded in 15 transactions.  The stock active during this week’s session was DDL.

20090320journalDemerara Distillers Limited’s (DDL) single trade of 1,000 shares at $11.0 represented the only trade for the day.  DDL’s shares were traded at a Mean Weighted Average Price (MWAP) of $11.0, which showed no change from its previous close.  DDL’s trade contributed 100.00% ($11,000) of the total consideration.

20090320financials Notes

1 – Interim results

2 – Prospective

EPS: earnings per share for 12 months period to the date the latest financials have been prepared. These include:

2002 – Final results for PHI.

2005 – Final results for GTI.

2008 – Final results for TCL, DIH, CBI, DBL, DTC and RBL.

2008 – Interim results for CCI, DDL, BTI, GSI, JPS and SPL.

As such, some of these EPS calculations are based on un-audited figures.

P/E Ratio: Price Earnings Ratio = Last trade price / EPS

Dividend yield = dividends paid in the last 12 months/last trade price.

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