This week we asked the man/woman in the street about their expectations for themselves in the New Year and what they expect the Government to do for the country in the 2009. Here are their responses.

20090105_eversleyJohn Eversley, Painter: ‘In 2009 I would like to make some more money, I hope to build my own home and open my own business. I would like it if the streets of our city could be kept cleaner. I’m not Guyanese but it would still be nice to see the city streets cleaner. And that is not a job for the government really but the citizens.’

20090105_st-hillKeyvonne St Hill, Taxi Driver: ‘Well in 2009 I hope that more jobs can be provided for young people. That might lead to a lower crime rate. I hope that the gas price remains low. There is so much that I would like to do for myself and I hope to get some of it done. I have a piece of land already so I hope to build my house this year. Also I hope that the Government pays much needed attention to the needy in our society.’

20090105_jodhanTanisha Jodhan, Student: ‘I hope that in 2009 something more can be done to the drainage problem so that this flooding can be prevented. I hope that Guyanese work together to keep our country clean. For myself I expect to do well at CXC which I’m writing in a few months. And I wish my family gets whatever they wish themselves.”
20090105_loraineLoraine, Private sector employee: ‘I would like God to shine his glorious light on my life. I hope to find a husband and start a family; I would like to have two children and a BMW.
In terms of the Government I wish they would step aside and let somebody who knows how to run a country take over.’

20090105_duncanAdrian Duncan, Private sector employee: ‘My expectation is to have my own business. I have started the process already and I hope it is successful and flourishes. I think the Government is doing a fairly good job but I hope that in 2009 they pay more attention to unemployment. I believe the crime rate is a direct result of unemployment. If people have jobs then things will be a bit better.’

20090105_persaudMohinie Persaud, Self-employed: ‘In 2009 my biggest wish is to have my own house, I live in a rental home now and so I hope to build my own home. I hope that there won’t be a lot of rain in the New Year, because that leads to flooding which isn’t good for our country. I also expect the Government to give more help to poor people in the country.’

20090105_paulAlicia Paul, Student: ‘I expect the Government to do something more to control flooding. Put in strategies to create more jobs. There are so many persons out there with a lot of qualifications and cannot get a job so they should pay attention to that in 2009. For myself I hope to continue successfully at the University of Guyana in the New Year- that’s my priority.’

20090105_adamsChristopher Adams, Teacher:
‘In the New year I will be looking for greener pastures. I hope to go back to University and get another degree. I would like to do an MBA in Management.
I hope that the Government could maybe do something more for teachers-such as a better salary. That is the main reason why I would be looking for greener pastures in the 2009.’

20090105_prakashRicky Prakash, Self-Employed: ‘Well I expect greater things for myself in 2009, to achieve more and have a blessed year. I expect not to fear to walk the streets because something might happen to me. I hope that the Government could put a little more in place. Maybe give people soft loans so that they can improve their lives and elevate themselves. I am sure if proper plans are made the loans can be repaid.’

20090105_josiahOrin Josiah, student:
‘Well I am starting classes at the GTI and I hope to do well, I will concentrate all my energies on doing well. Being an electrician is something I wanted to do since I was seven years old and I will excel.
I hope that the Government could do something for Albouystown-where I live. Maybe fix the roads or something to make our lives easier or better.’

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