What the people say about…The Obama inauguration

Interviews by Melissa Charles

This week we asked the man/woman in the street their views regarding the Barack Obama inauguration. Here are their responses:

20090126bridgetBridget Harris, Vendor:
‘I’m excited about the victory and him finally getting into office. At a point in time every country needs change and America needed it. As I was growing up I would always hear that black people can’t get no where and it feels good to see that a black man has gotten into the White House. I remember the song “In time to come,” which had a part that said one day a black man will one day be the president of the United States. It offers upliftment to not only Africans but to all races.’

20090126royRoy Singh, Taxi Driver:
‘I think he can do something positive for the country, especially with the economy. Due to his comments he seems that he will do better. What I can say is that watching the ceremony and celebrations on television made me feel great and emotional.’

20090126keithKeith Hutson, Sales Representative:
‘I feel proud; it’s a step in a direction that we have been hoping to go in a long time. I hope that he can do things for the economy and maybe create more jobs. I watched snippets of the inauguration celebrations on television and it was an unexplainable feeling. It doesn’t matter that Obama is the president for a country on another continent; twist it turn it we’re all Africans, we came from the same place and it means much to all of us. As a race we have a rich history but this will be a standout point when you look back down the line. He has given confidence to all of us.’

20090126sheronSheron Forrester, Private sector employee:

‘It’s inspirational to us to watch the distance he has moved in such a short space of time. It feels good to watch the first family together. Michelle is always there, she is an admirable woman.  I feel that his presidency does not have anything to do with race but is an accomplishment for everyone. I hope that he will be able to turn around the economy and that people will give him a chance to prove his worth since these things take time.’

20090126jenniferJennifer Williams, Housewife:
‘America has been going through financial pressure and strain that I think was because of all the funds directed at the wars in Iraq. I hope that Obama will work towards bringing the nation back. I admire Michelle for being there through thick and thin. She definitely has what it takes to be the First Lady. Further Obama is an inspiration to young people. It’s like the celebrations are contagious. Imagine my 4-year-old granddaughter came home and told me to watch Obama.’

20090126becklesJ Beckles, Taxi Driver:
‘As far as I’m concerned he will be a good leader. It felt good to watch him being sworn in, that as an African he has gotten that far. I think too that he will contribute to betterment for the world. I never used to think about whether or not a black person could make it so far, but that he has I remember the calypso that said it would happen.’

20090126timothyTimothy Tyndall, Self employed:
‘I think that he has partly accomplished his objective which is change; he himself represents change -the first black man in the White House and also putting a new face there. Being a Guyanese I don’t feel that it has any direct influence on us. But putting myself in the shoes of the people over there I can imagine how they feel. You could have seen that they were genuinely happy.’

20090126floydFloyd Washington, Self-employed:
‘It felt good really good. Tears came out of my eyes when I looked at the swearing in. People are making snide comments about Michelle and so on but that doesn’t matter. What I hope is that he holds to his word and does what he said he would do. I think Obama has taught people worldwide that anything can be done.’

20090126kandieKandie Lall, Security Officer:
‘I feel good that Obama is in office. I think that if he continues to get the support of the people he will keep his promises. What he has done is an inspiration to all young people; the world at large. I think too that he will represent all races and religion.’

20090126ireneIrene Wright, Private sector employee:
‘Well I like him and I’m glad to know that he has gotten to the top. It makes me feel proud to know that an African person has accomplished so much. I have relatives over there and I hope that he does something for the country that will be of benefit to them in some way.’

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