What the people say about…‘Daggering’

photos by Jules Gibson
This week we asked the man/woman in the street if they knew what the word daggering meant and if it should be edited from songs before they were released in Guyana.

20090302lyndaLynda Jaundoo, Public Sector Employee:
‘Yes I’ve heard the word before. In fact I read it in an article where this local singer Shell G said that as far as she knew the word means to wind up and just dance more. I wasn’t so sure that the term in the usual Soca context really meant rough sex but I think I’ve heard that daggering is also a dancing in such a way as to imitate sexual positions. Children are listening to these songs which contain the word and they are definitely not getting a positive message. I think that the word daggering should be taken out of songs before they are released in Guyana.’

20090302crystalCrystal Vaughan, Student:
‘I’m not exactly sure what the word daggering means but I know it relates to sexual movements.  I must admit that the word sounds cool in the songs because at the time you’re not really thinking about what it might possibly mean.  However, I know that it doesn’t send a good message. If that’s the best thing to do then the word should indeed be edited from songs before they are released in Guyana.’

20090302doverA. Dover, Teacher:
‘I’m not aware of the word and that is probably because I am not a big fan of Soca or whatever type of music the slang is used in. I am very selective when it comes to the music I listen to and my entertainment in general. I tend to listen to the types of music that are soothing to the mind. I think the reason I’ve become so skeptical about my entertainment is because these days it is hard to find thing that are not abusive to women and which have absolutely no profanity and obscene contents. Children especially are bombarded with such entertainment on a daily basis. I remember last year for the Children’s Mash Competition my school’s dance group had chosen a song but were told by the Ministry of Education that it couldn’t be used because it contained profanity so it had to be changed. I think this was the right thing and if the word daggering promotes sex in a demeaning way then I think it should be taken out of the songs before they’re released here.’

20090302hazel1Hazel Patterson, Private Sector Employee:
‘I’m not aware of the meaning of the word but if when used in the Soca context it roughly translates to rough sex or refers to the imitation of sexual positions then I think that it should be completely banned. In fact daggering is not the only word that should be taken out of these modern day Soca songs. The messages in these songs are instilling bad morals in our young people. They are definitely not educating and they encourage promiscuity, and given the fact that sexual diseases are so rampant they put people at great risk. Now anything that promotes promiscuity obviously has the power to cause the destruction of families, there are just too many indirect effects of these songs for me to list.’

20090302timotyTimothy Millington, Student:
‘Daggering, as a matter of fact I do know what the word means; it refers to sexual movements and the act itself. Yes, I do agree that the word is too crude. I’m not big on Soca but the songs that contain the word daggering are very popular so it’s very hard not to have heard it. I noticed that some daggering was done at Mash this year as well. While many people may not believe that music can influence the decisions a person makes the fact remains unchanged that it can do exactly that. I agree that the word should be edited but there are many other words contained in many other genres of music which should also be taken out. In fact, there are many words that are worse than the new Caribbean slang daggering.’

20090302laurenLauren Dundas, Student:
‘I learnt of the word’s meaning from the media; basically listening to songs on radio and looking at the music videos on television. I mean from the lyrics of the songs it becomes pretty clear that daggering refers to something sexual but when you watch the music video you get a much more dramatic and vivid indication of what the word might actually mean. I don’t think the word should be taken out of Soca songs before they are released in Guyana though because I believe to have given the word such unique meaning displays creativity. It is someone’s expression of themselves and everyone should have freedom of expression. Further more, daggering is just a creative way to sing about sex and the word sex is used in many songs and yet it has not been banned. So why ban daggering? I think the word daggering is simple creativity which speaks of the boldness of our Caribbean culture.’

20090302randyRandy Harold, Private Sector Employee:
‘I don’t know what daggering means. I’ve never heard the word before. I’m not into Soca but if the word refers to sex in a demeaning way then I think it should be edited from songs before they’re let loose in our country. It is such frivolous words that tend to make an impact on the minds of young people and it draws them away from their purpose in life. Music is a form of art regardless of how vulgar it has gotten and as all art can it touches a deep part of people and can influence them. Modern day music takes its roots from the violence and immoral practices that have all but infested our society.’

20090302kareenKareen Williams, Self-employed:
‘Daggering talks about sex and if people are offended by the word itself then Lord deliver them from the music videos. I absolutely feel that the word daggering and many others like it should be taken out of songs. The world is getting worse and so is our generation. I am not sure what will happen with the generation after us. I think such words demean sex and turn it into something nasty. Besides why on earth would we want our teens, the majority of whom listen to such music, to view sex in such a light?’

20090302noelNoel Watson, Self-employed:
‘It’s a sexual innuendo basically. I know the meaning of the word yes because it is so popular among the younger generation. I am a man of the church and I often learn a lot about the going things among the youth from those that attend my church. I learnt of the word from the church youth but the actual meaning of the word I realized when I saw a music video for one of the songs that contains the word daggering. The body language alone of the dancers in the video tells you what the word is meant to indicate. The word should be taken out of these songs before they are released in Guyana. Otherwise, what are we telling our young people? This type of music breaks moral standards and I think the fact that there are people in our society who are not affected by its use just shows that there has been a moral drift in our country.’

20090302miltonMilton Kewley, Private Sector Employee:
‘No I don’t know the meaning of the word daggering. If indeed it refers to certain sexual practices then I think it’s very ridiculous. The word should be taken out of songs before they are released to the general public. What use is such shallow entertainment to society? Our songs aren’t the only thing that needs to be cleaned up.’

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