The following letter addressed to Mr Balram Persaud, Commander ‘C’ Division, Cove and John and copied to the Commissioner of Police and to me at the Guyana Consumers Association tells a sad story of the failure of our police force to enforce the laws of Guyana.

“We the undersigned residents of Industry, Crown Dam, ECD and Cummings Lodge, Greater Georgetown are writing this letter to inform you of the noise nuisance administrated by [name of bar provided] located [in] Bus Shed Road (Southern Half), Greater Georgetown.

“Since the opening of this Bar in August 2008, we the residents of this neighbourhood have been subjected to excessive noise (music) being played and frequent ruckus at all hours of the day and until wee hours in the morning by the proprietor and patrons of this Rum Shop.

“Also since its inception the proprietor has held five Barbeques and Lime (on the roadside) thus impeding the flow of traffic. With sound from the large music sets reverberating in our homes making life extremely miserable for the sick, elderly and healthy with the heavy vibrations. Having a conversation or even watching television in your own home is not possible. Additionally all the events ended with fights.

“The police (Turkeyen/Sparen-daam) were summoned on numerous occasions but to no avail. Whenever they did respond, the music sets were turned up even louder after they left, with the DJ calling the residents names. Also on occasions when reporting to the police, the officers were very rude and insolent.

“On top of the noise nuisance, residents have their freedom of access to and from their homes with vehicles restricted by the bar patrons vehicles. Families in the vicinity cannot enjoy their customary evening in their yards or verandas anymore since the roadside and fences have now become the bar’s urinal.

“Our community has a large number of students (University, Secondary and Primary) who are severely hampered in their studies. The Bar is operating 99% on the parapet. Is this legal. We sincerely seek your intervention in this matter as this situation cannot be tolerated any longer.”

Persons complaining of noise nuisance are now being encouraged to go to the courts. This is not an easy matter.
A customer tortured by the noise from a generator which, in the absence of a meter for electricity operated at Narine’s Bakery on Sheriff Street from 8:00h to 13:00h each day and sometimes from 16:00h to late hours of the night sought help from the courts and found it was no easy matter to lay charges. Eventually the proprietrix of the bakery was remanded to prison.  Frequent delays in the magistrate’s court sent the complainant to the Chief Justice. In the final outcome the proprietrix has been placed on a bond to keep the peace for two years.

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