What the people say about… The terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan cricketers

This week we asked the man/woman in the street how they thought the recent terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan team will affect the future of cricket in Pakistan.

20090309hassanSadiq Hassan, Computer Technician:

‘I think that the future of cricket in Pakistan is in doubt, for the foreseeable future anyway. What happened in the past week in Pakistan is a disgrace on the Pakistan Cricket Board, because there were security issues that arose before the tour got on the way. But still the PCB assured that security was not an issue. I do not think that PCB is to blame for the attack, but I do think that it’s their fault.  Going back to the future of cricket in Pakistan, I do not see any team offering to go there and play cricket, as even the Bangladesh team has already pulled out. It’s really sad to see this happen to any country and I feel for them especially for the cricketers of Sri Lanka and also for the

Pakistan players who have been put in such an embarrassing position by Pakistan for just doing their job and the thing they love. Well for the love of cricket I hope that the PCB does accept the offer and play cricket at neutral venues until cricket in Pakistan is safe again, which I think is a long time from now.’

20090309thorneIan Thorne, Public Sector Employee:

‘I think no one is going to want to go to Pakistan to play cricket. Pakistani cricket has a slow but sure death now. I know that the attack was not the fault of the Pakistani Cricket team but these are the men who will pay for it dearly by seeing the game they love damaged. I think whether or not those men had more security they would’ve still been attacked. Terrorism is a thing which depends on opportunity and regardless of how tight security may be once the opportunity is there then an attack is possible. Besides I don’t know why the International Cricket Council chose Pakistan as a venue knowing fully well that the country is presently in a volatile state.  Those terrorists would have attacked any cricket team, I don’t think they made Sri Lanka a direct target, they would’ve done the same to any other team because they knew such a hit would get them international coverage.’
20090309bobbLeroy Bobb, Businessman:

‘Pakistan is a big problem by itself. I mean look at the state of the country’s political system and the internal conflicts going on. Why was the place chosen as a venue for the tour in the first place? I mean there were so many cricketing countries they could’ve chosen that are in the same region, like South Africa for example. I hope that people do not blame the Pakistani cricket team for the attack because that would be plain stupid. I’m not sure why the Sri Lankan team was attacked but I know cricket in Pakistan will suffer for it. I think cricket will eventually become stagnant in that country for a while because other teams are going to be afraid to go there.’

20090309crammerFae Crammer, Self-employed:

‘As a result of that attack I think cricket will definitely suffer in Pakistan. I know there had been a lot of political tension in Pakistan for a while now and I don’t think the country should have been chosen as a venue for the game. The Pakistanis could have gone to Sri Lanka instead. Now I’m wondering how this whole thing will affect Pakistan/Sri Lanka relations.’

20090309rodneySimone Rodney, UG Student:

‘Like any terrorist act the one on the Sri Lankan team would have been well planned so it wouldn’t have mattered how much security those men were provided with.  I don’t think anyone will want to go to Pakistan now. This attack won’t only affect that country’s sport but their tourism and business sector too. When any team decides to go to any country there is some amount of communication on a personal level as they live together and become acquainted. Those men were friends and those who survived the attack will definitely feel the pain of losing their colleagues.’
20090309persaudSyretta Persaud, Private Sector Employee:

‘I think that whoever was responsible for providing the Sri Lankan cricket team with security could have done more. I’ve noticed that cricket officials seem to be lulled into a false sense of security because players are not attacked on a serious scale. The Pakistan incident is definitely an eye opener for them in terms of security.

20090309dowDanilla Dow, Student:

‘The attack on the Sri Lankan team has definitely damaged the future of cricket in Pakistan. Players will be afraid to go there because they’ll fear for their lives. No one wants to die even though they know it’s one of those things we can’t avoid. I know for sure that the attack will create possible tension for the Pakistani team because there are those who will want to attack that team to get revenge for what the terrorists did to the Sri Lankan team.’

20090309dodsonMichael Dodson, TI Student:

‘I think the flow of cricketers to Pakistan will ease off for a while but that won’t stop cricket in the country.  I don’t think they should even consider making Pakistan a non-cricket venue for a while because the game is in the country’s history and a very significant part of their culture. I think people should wait and see what measure the government takes to address the issue. I think that the security provided for the team might have been enough but what people should see is that even if they had seven cars of guards there would always be a crease where attackers can get through. However, I don’t think that the attack will raise any hostility between the two countries because I remember a time when Sri Lanka had tension in their society but the Pakistani team went there to play anyway.’

20090309willsVaneta Wills, Teacher:

‘More should have been done to ensure that the Sri Lankan cricketers were well protected. Whoever is responsible for their security should always assume they are preparing to enter a threatening zone. I think that because the Sri Lankans are from the same region they were shown a little mercy. Had it been another team, India for instance, they would’ve been wiped out. The attack has tarnished the image of Pakistan cricketing.’

20090309neptuneD. Neptune, Self-employed:

‘The attack will most likely affect the relationship between Pakistan and Sri Lanka. I think that it may have been an aim by the attackers to create tensions either in Pakistan or between both countries. Pakistani cricket will take a while before the dent in its image straightens out. However, it should be noted that Pakistani police responded in a timely manner and put their lives on the line to protect the Sri Lankan team. The team members were also evacuated in a timely manner by the Pakistani military.’

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