What the people say about…The supernatural…

photos by Jules Gibson
This week we asked the man/woman in the street if they believed in the supernatural and whether they’d had such an experience.

20090330craigenDeborahéa Craigen, Private Teacher:
‘Yes, as a matter of fact I believe in the supernatural. The main reason I believe in supernatural things or beings so to speak is because the Bible says that such things will happen.  I believe that anything supernatural is the closest possible physical manifestation the devil can take to cause trouble. When I was a child I remember people talking that Old Higues would normally travel in a ball of fire. So one night I saw this ball of fire floating in mid air but I knew that I couldn’t be harmed by it. While I believe in the supernatural I don’t believe that it can harm us.’

20090330martindaleCarl Martindale, Self-employed:
‘No way. I don’t believe in such things and I’ve never experience it. I think that the fact that I haven’t seen anything that can be described as supernatural may be why I don’t believe in it. But then again if I ever saw anything like that I’d probably dismiss it as some nonsense or the other and try to find a way to explain it to myself.’

20090330powersCarlton Powers, Self-employed:
‘Yes, I believe in the supernatural. During my small days when I was about 15-years-old I remember seeing an object floating through the air. I grew up in Mahaica and I learnt from my folks that what I saw was an Old Higue a thing that would suck people’s blood. I’ve noticed that the younger generation of today dismisses such things. I think it has to do with the fact that people don’t talk about such things anymore. Plus the place is more populated now and there is electricity now. Such beings I was told as child lurked in dark areas.’

20090330jerryPamela Jerry, Housewife:
‘Where I grew up we were told about supernatural beings like Bush Dai-dai and Kanaima Man. They said those two things would catch people and eat them alive. Despite this I have never believed in the supernatural. I think men made up these stories to make people afraid of going to certain areas they wanted to keep guarded. Over time I think these rumours just spread and got out of control.’

20090330figueraNigel Figuera, Labourer:
‘I most definitely do not believe in the supernatural. Spirits, aliens, people walking on water and other strange sightings like that are a bundle of nonsense. If I were to see anything that can be described as supernatural the first thing I would do is try to find a logical explanation for it.’

Christopher Jones, Gardener:
‘I’ve never seen anything that can be described as supernatural therefore I have no evidence to believe that it exists. ‘

20090330aliciaAlicia Abdullah, Unemployed:
‘I believe in the supernatural to an extent. I’ve heard many people recount encounters they’ve had with such things and I am led to believe that they do exist. Things like Baccoo, Old Higue and Moon Gazer may exist because I don’t believe that so many people can just simply make up those things. However, witchcraft is where I draw the line. I don’t believe in that and I don’t believe that it can be used to harm people.’

20090330josephMichael Joseph, Nurse:
‘There are supernatural forces, I have seen what people call spirits and I know for sure that such things exist. I believe that a person’s level of spirituality has a lot to do with whether or not they believe in such things. ‘

20090330tyrellJacob Tyrell, Pastor:
‘I do believe in the supernatural. The only supernatural forces I believe in is the Holy Spirit as is given by God and demonic forces created by the devil to lure people on to a negative path. The word of God cannot take a hold of many people because they don’t believe in the supernatural.’

20090330deenSherry Deen, Public Sector Employees:
‘Hell no, I don’t believe in the supernatural. I’ve never seen anything like that and as far as I’m concerned the research done in support of the subject is not convincing. Evidence, that is the key thing needed for me to believe anything. Even God, his existence is questionable. Maybe he is something people created to comfort them in time of fear. I think those people who believe in the supernatural were exposed to cultures rich with mythology.’

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