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by Shabna Ullah

This week we asked persons what their favourite programmes on television are and how many hours of television they watched per day? Here are their responses:

20090615sandraSandra Williams, housewife: ‘I watch mostly Christian programmes on TV; those are actually my favourites. Apart from that I also like to watch Oprah because she always has some interesting shows. I cannot really say how many hours of television I watch for the day because that depends on how long the programmes last and how long I spend watching. Sometimes I do not even get time to look at the entire show.’


20090615azrudeenAzrudeen Hussain, student: `The programme I enjoy mostly on TV is National Geographic because it is very educational. I have an interest in those types of shows. I also like to watch local as well as the BBC news to keep abreast with current affairs. When I have the time I would watch cartoons; I enjoy Avatar. I would sometimes look at a good movie on TV or on a DVD. I spend about five hours per day watching TV on weekends and on school days for about one hour. I just finished writing CSEC and during that time I watch for about half hour just to relax.’

20090615javedJaved Saywack, student/cricketer:
`My favourite programmes on TV are mostly action and adventure cartoons. I also enjoy watching good comedy movies whenever I have the time. Other than that I like educational programmes and shows about technology. I spend about one to two hours per day watching TV. I would not say I am a big TV fan and now that exams are over I would rather hang out with my friends or play cricket than be in front of the TV.’

Janita Ramdeholl, housewife: `Well, my favourite TV programmes are 20090615janitasoap operas. When I am finished with my household chores I would watch all the soaps, like the Young and the Restless from 12:30 to 3 pm. After that I would go and help my husband on his [cash crop] farm and then I would cook dinner. Later I would have just enough time to watch the news and then retire to bed early. Once in a while I would stay up late and watch a good movie. I watch TV for about three hours per day.’

20090615rajpattie`I am not interested in watching too many programmes on TV and I do not have any favourite ones. After I finish my daily chores I would prefer to relax in my hammock. In the evenings the most I would watch on TV is the news, death announcements and birthday greetings. I would watch TV for less than one hour. My daughters would be in front of the TV more often to watch the Oprah Show, the Young and the Restless as well as cricket when it is showing.’

20090615cyrilCyril Chan, businessman: `I enjoy watching the local and BBC news. When I have the time I would also watch nice movies; Indian or English. I love cricket and once that is showing I would be in front of the television most of the time. Actually when I am in my shop the TV would be on and as long as I am not busy I would occupy my time watching it. Normally I would spend about three hours a day watching TV.’

20090615carltonCarlton Nicholson, field worker:
‘Right now cricket is definitely my favourite programme and I’m backing West Indies, of course. I am also a big fan of wrestling even though we do not get to see it in Berbice. I’m also into watching anything else to do with sports for that matter. I also like National Geographic and any other educational shows. I like looking at movies but sometimes I do not get the time to sit and watch them. I would say I spend about three hours per day watching TV.’

Eon Duncan, security guard: `To be honest, I do not get much time to20090615eon watch TV but at least I like to watch the news, both local and foreign. Other than that I watch church programmes, educational shows and one or two movies when I am not busy. To add up all the programmes I watch for the day would amount to about two hours though.’

20090615nevilleNeville Praim, taxi driver: `I make the time every day to watch the news as well as church programmes. Sometimes when I get home early from work I would watch a nice movie. I also find the Oprah Show very interesting but my favourite show is wrestling. Too bad we do not get to see wrestling in Berbice. In fact, we hardly have good programme showing up here. I think the stations need to develop more in that regard. Once in a while they would show National Geographic but it should be on regularly because everyone would gain from that.’

Grace Loncke, teacher: `I hardly get to watch TV because after school I 20090615gracegive extra lessons at my home. In the evenings I would ensure I watch the news though and then the death announcement. After that I have to prepare notes of lessons for the next day. At weekends I would watch mostly religious programmes and if a good movie is on and it is enticing, my interest would be wrapped up on that. During the school holidays I would watch anything interesting. I love cricket and when that is on I would make the time to watch it. I would say I watch about one and a half hours of TV per day.’

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