CCWU urges gov’t to ‘ease tax burden on workers’

The Clerical and Commercial Workers Union (CCWU) is appealing to the government to re-examine the economy with a view to easing the tax burden on workers in the new year.

In a press release the CCWU said it hopes some consideration is given to lowering the Value-Added Tax in order to help workers make ends meet. “We believe that a 10% level can help ease the burden on workers… as they try to eke out a livelihood,” the union said. It said too although a number of basic food items are zero rated the prices are such that many workers still cannot cope.

Additionally, the CCWU said it intends to boost its efforts to ensure that meetings requested with some employers on workers’ behalf are held in a timely manner in order to resolve disputes. The union said as it looks back on 2008 it is disappointed that the trade union movement remains divided.

The CCWU said this has been one of the most difficult years in its 60 years of existence as the unions are divided largely due to selfishness on the part of some principal leaders. It said too the unions have fallen prey to “divisive politics that continue to engulf us.” The CCWU said it is time for the Guyana Trades Union Congress and the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana to “put an end to nonsense… and ensure the progress of the nation.”

Further, it extended gratitude to General Secretary of the Barbados Workers Union Sir Roy Trotman and former General Secretary of the Caribbean Congress of Labour, George DePeana for their efforts in trying to bridge the divide.

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