Crime Chief, Merai elevated to Assistant Commissioner

Six senior officers were among those promoted when the Police Service Commission unveiled its list of promotions last night.

Senior Superintendent and Crime Chief Seelall Persaud has been promoted to Assistant Commissioner. Other Senior Superintendents Balram Persaud, Nolan Hendricks, George Vyphuis, Gavin Primo and Steve Merai have all been promoted to Assistant Commissioner.

Meantime, the police in the press release said that the Commissioner of Police made several other promotions within the Police Force, the Special Constabulary and the Rural Constabulary. In the Police Force, 49 ranks were promoted to sergeants, 84 to Corporals and 68 to Lance Corporals.

In the Special Constabulary, in the Regular Section, nine persons were promoted to Sergeants, 17 to Corporals, and eight to Lance Corporals while in the Corporations Section; five persons were promoted to Sergeants, two to Corporals and one to Lance Corporal.

Additionally, in the Rural Constabulary 12 persons were promoted to Sergeants while 45 persons were promoted to Corporal.

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