Following the passing of its Chairman, David de Caires, the Guyana Publications Inc (GPI) board announces the appointment of Dr Ian McDonald as Chairman.

Two new directors have also been appointed to the board of GPI, namely, Clairmont Lye and Timothy Jonas. They join the current complement comprising Mrs Doreen de Caires, Miles Fitzpatrick and Dennis Beepat, in addition to Editor-in-Chief Anand Persaud, Sunday Editor Anna Benjamin and Daily Editor Cheryl Springer, who are executive directors.

The traditional separation between the mandate of the GPI Board of Directors and the editorial functions of the Stabroek News editorial department will be retained. As obtained previously, the new Editor-in-Chief will hold ultimate responsibility for the content and direction of the paper within the policy framework laid down at Stabroek News’s inception, a framework which has not changed.

Dr McDonald, who is a poet, writer and literary editor, and who for many years was Marketing Director of GuySuCo and then for eight years the CEO of the Sugar Association of the Caribbean, has been a columnist with the Sunday Stabroek for the past eighteen years.

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